Accepted Materials for Recycling

Cans and Foil
Accepted Material
  • Steel (tin) cans and bi metal cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Aluminum beverage and pet food cans
  • Clean aluminum foil and foil containers
  • Empty, clean paint cans
  • Metal lids and bottle caps
Not Accepted
  • Bakeware, utensils, pots and pans
  • Hangers
  • Car parts
  • Scrap metal
  • Fencing
  • Propane cylinders or any other compressed gas cylinder
  • Foil backed paper, gum wrappers, foil wrapping paper
  • Lawn furniture
Accepted Material
  • Newspapers / inserts / junk mail
  • Office paper (all colors, including envelopes and fax paper)
  • Gift wrap paper and tissue (unlined), kraft paper and greeting cards
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Cardboard and cereal boxes
  • Egg cartons / paper bags / shredded paper / juice boxes and milk cartons (clean)
Not Accepted
  • Remove all plastic bags
  • Remove all rubber bands
  • Remove plastic insert in cereal boxes
Accepted Material
  • All colors of glass bottles and jars. You do not need to remove labels. Rinse
Not Accepted
  • Dishes
  • Ceramics
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Window panes
  • Auto glass
  • Other non-food or non-beverage glass
Accepted Material
  • Containers
  • Bottles and lids
  • Liter soda bottles
  • Milk, water and juice containers
  • Food containers
  • Liquid detergent, fabric softener, bleach and shampoo bottles
  • Rinsed caps
  • Six pack and 12 pack rings
  • Look for a recycling number on the container
Not Accepted
  • Plastic Number 6
  • Plastic bags received from grocery store
  • Plastic film and other non-rigid plastic (no garbage bags, zip bags, dry cleaner bags, etc.)